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“I am amazed to see so many people benefitting from such small device. It is really heartening to know that Jointex can provide such good relief to people suffering from chronic aches and pains.”

-Parikshit Sahni


“Constant ache in my neck was affecting my career, it used to get so painful after day’s work that I cannot even turn my head properly. Doctor was suggesting some invasive procedure; however, use of Jointex made me feel so better that now I can do my activities without any pain.”

-Kishori Ji


“Few days back I was thinking that this pain in my mid back is going to go with me only. Nothing worked on it and I’d lost all hopes. But Jointex really worked on it. I can again move around without constant pain in my back.”

-Padmaveer Singh


“My lower back was in such bad shape after my injury that bending for even some degrees was hurtful. Few sittings with Jointex and now I hardly get any pain. It is almost like a miracle.”



“My frozen shoulder was getting bad to worse with time. I wasn’t even able to lift my hand above my shoulder level. Then I started using Jointex and after few sessions, the movement got much better. Plus the vibrating feel it gives while sessions is extremely relaxing.”

-Annant Desai