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Knee/Leg Pain arrow

There can be many causes for leg, knee or lower body musculoskeletal structure pains. In general, carrying body weight all the time makes this part more prone to accidental or postural injuries. The injuries in this area tend to remain unhealed and lingering due to persistent and unavoidable use of the lower body musculature. Besides this, there are certain conditions leading to constant or recurring pains in the area. Largely, the reasons responsible for pain in lower limbs are,

>> Age-related weakening of structure.

>> Muscle loss.

>> Arthritis.

>> Peripheral vascular disease.

>> Sciatica.

>> Torn muscles.

>> Peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy.

>> Varicose veins.

All above results in pain or burning sensation in lower body. This can well be relieved by the use of Jointex as it stimulates the nerves to function properly as well as increases blood circulation in loose veins to improve recovery from any muscle injury. Use of Jointex on calf muscles not only strengthens them but also reduces the risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis after prolonged inactivity in debilitated or inactive individuals.