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1. What is the basis of pain relief with Joint-ex EMS?

Ans: Joint-ex EMS mimics the results of meridian theory of acupuncture and acupressure combined without any excess pressure or puncturing needles. The electrical impulses penetrate deep in body and stimulate blood flow and muscle tissues for better functioning and strength. The contraction of muscles achieved via Joint-ex EMS involves maximum muscle fibers as opposed to voluntary muscle contraction on brain’s direction, which results in only about 50% fiber involvement.

2. Is there any kind of side affect associated?

Ans: Joint-ex EMS is a very safe device to use. Barring the precautions mentioned on the booklet provided, almost anyone can use the device. There are no known side effects except avoiding its use on reproductive organs, uterus during pregnancy, carotid sinuses (left and right side of throat), and heart; as this could result in pain or uneven heartbeat.

3. Is it painful?

Ans: No, it is not. It is just like getting a massage from a vibrating device. In fact, the pulses reduce the fatigue and give a soothing feel.

4. Does it put out electrical shocks?

Ans: Joint-ex EMS uses a small 3 V button cell for creating impulses. So calling the output a shock is exaggeration, it is mostly symmetrical vibration.

5. Can athletes use it?

Ans: Athletes can actually use it to train their muscles for strength and endurance other than pain relief. As it locally contracts the muscles, there is little to no overall body fatigue.

6. Can it be used for any organ pain too?

Ans: No, Joint-ex EMS is specifically for musculoskeletal pain relief.

7. Do we need to stop other treatments while using Joint-ex?

Ans:You do not have to. Joint-ex EMS is a superficial treatment and not a systemic one, so it does not interfere with any other treatment you are taking.

8. Can Joint-ex be used while performing some other activity?

Ans: Yes, it can be, as far as it is not interfering with the activity neither the activity is interfering with proper positioning of Joint-ex EMS patch.

9. Does the product comes with instructions on how and where to use?

Ans: Joint-ex EMS is supplied with full description of usage, precautions, and other necessary detail booklet.

10. How many machine, battery, and pads one get in a single order?

Ans: One unit of Joint-ex EMS comes with 2 devices, 4 pads, and 2 CR2032 button batteries. The pads are designed for multiple use. If used properly, keeping away from dirt and putting protective layer back every time after use, pads can be used repeatedly for many times.