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About Joint-ex arrow

Joint-ex EMS is world’s only portable device designed to deliver calibrated electrical impulses of various intensities and waveforms directly to different musculatures and produce relief from muscular pain due to deformed or weak muscles. It strengthens the musculature to recover it from any deformity or injury.

Contracting a muscle through Joint-ex EMS results in engagement of up to 98% fibers locally as against to 70-80% fibers in case of a brain-directed contraction, resulting in better relief from pain and higher muscle strengthening.

Joint-ex EMS allows various contraction intensities to adjust per one’s comfort level. Quality of impulses can be selected per need and be synchronized at any specific level to assure effective results. The end result is minimum nerve fatigue and effective relief from pain along with healthy and strong muscles.

Joint-ex EMS is without any side effects as it does not incorporate any invasive stimulation technique, making it a better and safer pain relieving solution than drugs or surgery.

Where Joint-ex EMS Helps? arrow

Joint-ex EMS is effective in muscular pain relief as well as muscle training and strengthening. The results can be classified as under.

1. Pain relief from major or minor muscle spasms.

2. Prevention of muscular dystrophy due to less physical activity.

3. Improved blood circulation, resulting in quick recovery from muscular injuries.

4. Prevention of venous thrombosis (a life-threatening situation occurring mostly after major or minor surgeries or prolonged inactivity particularly of lower limbs) with calf muscle stimulation.

5. Range of motion improvement.

6. Muscle strengthening.

7. Muscle relaxation.

8. Endurance development.