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What is EMS? arrow

EMS or Electromyostimulation is a technique of physical therapy world over for many years now. Its effectiveness is recognized by scientific studies, medical trials and measurements making it an integral part of pain management, muscle strengthening and recuperation procedures.

How it Works? arrow

EMS, in principle, is reproduction of muscle contraction as it happens on receiving instructions from brain. Only difference is that through EMS it is done locally making the contraction involuntary, however, precise, controlled and repetitive by stimulating the nerves responsible for muscle activity via accurate electrical impulses. This produces therapeutic results, relieves muscular pain and strengthens the muscle to recover from injury & otherwise. As through EMS, the contraction is done locally without the intervention of brain signals, it is more precise and causes less body fatigue.

Issues with common ways of treating pains? arrow

Painkiller medicines including non-steroidal, steroidal, or narcotic ones, though tend to give quick relief from the pain, but over the time dosages need to be increased leading to complications with liver functions, habit formation, or other bodily functions. Moist heat, ice, and other topical applications are useful in acute injuries but are not very effective in chronic pains. Surgical procedures are ultimate remedies but need best hands to perform it as well as need to be weighed for complications and benefits.